From the Baroque to the contemporary. Interview with Adolfo Del Cont

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Adolfo Del ContAdolfo Del Cont was born in Aviano (PN) in 1968. He studied accordion with S. Cortella and B. Flocco. He then attended several master classes with renowned teachers, including F. Guerouet (France), L. Gore and P. Soave (USA), R. Tomic (Serbia), J. Mornet (France). He has given numerous concerts throughout Europe, Russia and the United States, presenting a wide repertoire from the baroque to the contemporary, even in prestigious venues worldwide. Transcribed for classical accordion works by important composers published by Editions Berben from Ancona. He is regularly invited as a juror at the conservatories of music and international competitions, and is Artistic Director of the “International Review Accordion” by S. Vito al Tagliamento (PN). He is the author of various publications record, including the CD “Classic Accordion” – Bayan solo, with important works from the Baroque to contemporary accordion repertoire. He teaches classical accordion at the Associazione Musicale of Carnia Tolmezzo (UD), the Annual courses of the Accademia Musicale “La Certosa” in Giavera (TV), the International Courses of improvement of Cividale del Friuli (UD) and Conservatory of Music “U. Giordano”.

When you began studying accordion and how has changed over the years the image of this tool?

I started studying accordion with a old Honer buttons to my father . Although he studied accordion in France. At age 12, my first teacher of Sante Cortella Montreale Valcellina (PN), considering my musical aptitude, also advised me to study piano at the conservatory. This instrument came more and more to the genre classic with the accordion and began the study of basses, I said I from 1983 in various national and international competitions. I remember my first recital (solo concert) held in 1985, with music by Bach, Pozzoli, Shamo and Ciaikin. To this day I count about 200, in addition to numerous and varied collaborations.

In the international concert circuit, are the accordion and accordion music enjoying a good time?

In recent years, the accordion has been the subject of attention by major composers. I think Gubaldulina, Donatoni, Berio. Thanks to these and other significant composers, who mostly make up for the system buttons, the accordion is mobilizing more and more into the international music scene, thanks to the essential contribution of more and more prepared interpreters, among whom can be counted several Italian. I understand, however, that with respect to Italy, in Eastern and Northern Europe accordion enjoy greater success in the important concert seasons. In fact, we have the accordion recitals and concerts for accordion and orchestra are almost entirely absent in the major concert seasons. The Italian accordion deserves something more!

What factors are due to the spread of the accordion in many genres and repertoires?

The accordion is an instrument extraordinarily flexible: you can perform a Bach organ fugue 4-5 items without transcription and may be the predominant instrument in an orchestra or light jazz. This is also due to the technical development and engineer who in recent years has been made to all the various models of the accordion by various construction companies, which characterize and enhance the quality for each genre. These, in my opinion, are some of the secrets of his success.

Do you think the accordion is a popular instrument? Or is to be considered as a classical instrument?

I believe that today the greatest evolution of the accordion is to be found in models from the concert, which mobilize the instrument in classical music.

What is the genre within which the instrument is at its best?

The accordion is expressed well in any musical genre. The important thing is that the executor uses an appropriate instrument for the genre and repertoire that wants to run, especially for the classic.

Your experience in teaching influences on your work as a performer and musician? If so, how?

Currently much of my time is dedicated to teaching and not only in my region. This limits my ability to grow the series artistic collaborations. Therefore, in this period, essentially I work solo activity.

What are the projects that engage the most in this period?

I am dedicating much of my time to teaching, having among other things, a large class of accordion at the Conservatory of Foggia, and holding an annual advanced course in a Musical Academy of Veneto. I am preparing for recital for 2014, with a very broad repertoire that reaches from 600 to an interesting piece for bayan dedicated to the undersigned, just finished composing the young composer Domenico Giannetta.

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