“Congratulations for the party” meets “Epic ethics ethnic pathos”

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CCCPWhile coming out from the scope of popular music and many of their branches – of which, among other things, we try to give the maximum attention in this column – I must point out two (plus a third oldest) events particularly important for the music of our country. I do not subtract from doing so by the fact that those involved are the innovators of the Italian music scene of the nineties, which led to much more than others who have moved in similar directions, a vital connection with the international avant-garde music. A connection that gave air above the rock and the independent Italian music and that, through a long path in which many of those involved have had multiple roles in different ensembles, today is celebrated and understood by thousands of fans. The band to which I refer are Marlene Kuntz and CCCP (with branches CSI and PGR). As we know their path crosses in the early nineties, when that is the Consortium Independent Producers (result of the merger of Sonic and The Mule discs, two record companies created respectively by Gianni Moroccolo and Francesco Magnelli, on the one hand, and Massimo Zamboni and Giovanni Lindo Ferretti other, more or less coinciding with the founding of the CSI) publishes “Cathartic”, the album revelation of the new Italian musical generation. These days it released the trailer for “Congratulations for the party”, the documentary about Marlene celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the album. The film will be released in February and 18 December the Jump Cut, which was responsible for the shoot and produce the work, will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser to support their implementation. Gianni Maroccolo, which produced that memorable disc, performed on November 27 at the Sala Sinopoli of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome on the occasion of the festival Romaeuropa. The evening was dedicated to “Epic, ethics, ethnic, pathos”, the disc of 1990 with which the CCCP concluded their path to become CSI. The album was played in its entirety by a training which included, in addition to Maroccolo, Massimo Zamboni, Francesco Magnelli, Giorgio Canali, Ginevra Di Marco (all former members of the CSI) and Angela Baraldi. To these are added some of the most important exponents of the Italian indie scene: Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica, Lo Stato Sociale, Brunori Sas, Appino, Max Collini (Offlaga Disco Pax) and Francesco Di Bella (24 Grana). As you can read in the presentation notes of the concert, the genesis of the album coincides with the genesis of a new world, in which there are new CSI, after the CCCP decided to end their experience closely related to an imaginary inexorable breakup. So, as a rite of passage, “CCCP close in the farmhouse eighteenth century Villa Pirondini, in the countryside of Reggio Emilia. Here recorded, live, the album would have ferried in the nineties: “Epic Ethics Ethnic Pathos”, a new political invective, but with the softness of a bleak and romantic pathos consumed in the recovery of sounds and popular values, in the wake of a past always surrounded by an aura of mystery nostalgic or epic”. In a way it was not just the first of a series of rebirths that the artists of the group have promoted: remember after the CSI and coinciding with the departure of Massimo Zamboni (founder of the CCCP with Ferretti) born PGR. The band still has avant-garde ideas and public, in 2002, the self-titled album (with plastic cover and media booklet) entrusting the production to Hector Zazou. I would say that is the last important signal. They spend several years and begin to see signs of rapprochement. On the one hand reborn training of former CSI, which includes more or less all less Ferretti, that the entry with the participation of Paola Baraldi. On the other hand – and this is perhaps the most unexpected news – the couple from which all began meets again in early November Ferretti and Zamboni find themselves at the theater hall of mirrors Valli for “Canticle of Emilia”, a reading on items of “The echo of a gunshot. Canticle of the Emilia region”, the book published in 2015 by the guitarist. Who knows, this is also a rebirth?

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