Amsterdam: “Il Fiore delle Mille e una Nota 3″ – 1st part

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classical accordion / contemporary dance / poetry
Amsterdam/Urbino 2014


Il Fiore delle Mille e una Nota 3It has been presented in Amsterdam last April 3-4, the first part of the festival “Il Fiore delle Mille e una Nota 3″

The event was organized and curated by Kathleen Delaney Dance Co. and Italian Accordion Academy – a platform for research in the field of production and pedagogy of contemporary music and dance. The initiative is reaping the fruits of the pedagogic work done in the last year with the students of the courses taught by Claudio Jacomucci (accordion) and Kathleen Delaney (Alexander Technique) , opening up to other artists met along the way and with whom they share visions.

The festival pays every year the same attention to the variety of proposals, alternating moments of solos and chamber music with poetry and dance to great ensemble moments.

Guests of the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, The Musicians of the Italian Accordion Academy (Vincenzo De Nitto, Fábio Palma, Andrzej Grzybowski, Przemek Wojchiechowski, Marco Pasculli, Ezio Testa) have presented a program of original and transcribed works for classical accordion instrument of great relevance in contemporary classical music. Works by Ligeti, Bizet, Kusyakov, Tiensuu, Krzanowski, Jacomucci, Roberto Beltrami, Takahashi, Ganzer, Pärt, Bach, Ginastera, Komitas, Vlasov and Taktakishvili.

On April 4, at the famous hall of the Bimhuis, historic stage for improvized and borderline music, was premiered Suite Venetienne/Follow me, a new creation of the choreographer Kathleen Delaney inspired by the intriguing multimedia text of the photographer Sophie Calle, who followed strangers to photograph them, and that in this text with thoughts and photographs documenting a journey through the labyrinthine city of Venice, made ​​undercover looking for a man met briefly in Paris. Performed by Kathleen Delaney, active choreographer on the international scene of several years, and the dancer Roberto Lori (who starred for Simona Bucci, Virgil Sieni, Monica Casadei), the work is enhanced by the presence of well-known musicians and Daniele Roccato (doublebass) and Claudio Jacomucci (accordion) whose experience in contemporary music is very well-known and appreciated.

Afterwards, two compositions for choir and accordions: Arcana (2013) a piece for choir and accordion ensemble by Claudio Jacomucci. The Choir Durantino from Urbania, under the direction of Simone Spinaci (in the dual role of conductor and solo singer) have explored the vocal and instrumental techniques from different traditions (Inuit throat singing, Kecac, Tuva overtone singing, Carnatic music and shakuhachi).

Finally, Olson III (1967), which can be considered one of the most powerful compositions by minimalist composer Terry Riley. Based on the repetition of short fragments of text and musical patterns, relies on the creativity of the performers to build mutual listening and evocative textures, a performative-compositional process – very similar to the famous ” In C ” by the same Riley. The song is inspired by Zen philosophy, Indian Ragas and the Balinese Gamelan. Olson III was performed by the choir, accordion ensemble and dancers Kathleen Delaney and Roberto Lori.

The second part of the festival will be held instead in Urbino, at Raffaello Sanzio Theatre on June 6 and 7, to resurface the Dutch program with a special guest: the poet Mariangela Gualtieri, founder of the Theatre Valdoca together with Cesare Ronconi, who will present the work Fraternità Solare, a series of poems that coexist in the musical score created by Claudio Jacomucci for 6 accordions, arranged according to a criterion of spatial acoustics, creating textures and resonances to echo the word and call for the break from the imaginary. A tribute to nature, the human who touches the strings of the heart and of the mind, touches the skin and the memory of the listener with a delicate and indelible gesture.




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