Thirtieth edition of the Review of Pasquella in Montecarotto (AN)

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PasquellaOn 5 and 6 January will be held in Montecarotto (AN) Review of the Pasquella , the ” historical” event based on the recovery and revitalization of one of the living witnesses of our shared popular culture, linked to ritual begging of the winter solstice and its forms of propitiation linked to pre-Christian beliefs and ancient fertility rites.

On the day of Sunday, January 5, a prelude to the “real ” party of the ” Pasquella “, from 18.00 , in the picturesque setting of the Municipal Theatre , there will be the thirtieth anniversary of the Special Concert “, with the formation of the Ensemble Italo – Argentinian, who will present a special “Christmas Concert” : “To be born a beautiful baby … / nacera a nene lindo …” (The Song of Christmas between the two worlds).

Born from an idea of Laurita Pergolesi and Gastone Pietrucci, this concert wants to propose, by comparison, the religious songs of the Navidad Nuestra, (composed of materials from two large popular Argentine musicians, Ariel Ramirez and Felix Luna , author of the latter also famous Misa Criolla), with the corresponding (at least in the texts and arguments) Italian folk songs of the Christmas season. And so the seven songs from Argentina (La Anunciación , The Peregrination , El Nacimiento , Los Pastores , Los magos reues , Pastorcito de Belén , La Huida) will be countered by the “same” Italian songs in the oral tradition, Piedmont, Veneto, Marche, Lazio , Calabria, in a comparison of great interest and fascination. The texts documenting a world of life and faith extraordinary and singular , and singing marvelously expresses the climate and the tensions of life. Even some wheelies language and images are evidence of the immediacy with which the people (both Italian and the Argentine) has assimilated the fate of Christ, Mary and Joseph as the fate of every common family of poor , injured and invincibly happy together .

The “Italian”, “dark and tortured” by Gaston Pietrucci and beautiful voice “argentina” Laurita Pergolesi , are of great pathos , these beautiful Christmas carols between the two worlds , building a bridge between these two cultures , between these two traditions between these two modes of music to sing, play and understand Christmas. Thus, between text and music, between unknown authors and interpreters of this unusual ensemble Italian-Argentine , born of a living relationship synthesis and transfer that makes this singular ” songbook Christian ” one of the most striking of the few examples of folk figure who we are offered so adeguato.Gastone Pietrucci , voice and Laurita Pergolesi , voice and guitar , Richard Andrenacci , drums, percussion , voice, cello and Toni Felicioli Christian Riganelli , accordion, give voice , music and song to this faith and this festival with passion of the protagonists, with the fidelity of interpreters.

Free entry until all the seats.

On Monday 6th of January, the Review of Pasquella, arrived this year at its thirtieth edition.

Groups of authentic bearers of the tradition, from all the brands and from other Italian regions , they will come right from eight in the morning , greeted and “taken over” by as many local leaders and their “presented” house par house , in all areas the country and the country of Montecarotto, where they will lead , in the manner of a time, according to the ancient rite , singing greeting of Pasquella . The people, as usual, greet you warmly all the Groups , giving back with generous donations of money and especially with copious libations.

So all morning, Montecarotto, will be literally inundated with music, songs and sounds that will make it even more magical and surreal, this incredible festival earlier this year.

After the alms in the morning, the groups present at the Festival , will meet in the Theatre Square , where from half past twelve p.m. o’clock (before the communal meal of thanksgiving offered to all the “artists ” popular and their collaborators , the Administration municipal ) will give life to the usually spontaneous , joyful “popular concert”, to the delight of all present.

In the afternoon, from 16.00, Gastone Pietrucci, coordinated by Giorgio Cellinese, will present “The Pasquella Theatre” (Tribute to Constantine Ravarelli). Review of songs and dances of the folk tradition) with the presence and performance of all the groups present at the Review.

Free entry until all the seats.

At the conclusion of the Review Journal, there will be an Exhibition impromptu groups among the people, in full freedom, heated by hot chestnuts and “mulled – wine”.

This moment of community and “free” of pasquellari will give way to the public can listen to them in ideal conditions, live, without the use of any amplification, in a very serene atmosphere, fun and addictive party and street music.

Currently, thanks to this review and the continuous and constant work of Gastone Pietrucci and La Macina in the area, we are seeing a number of years, a new “rebirth” of the phenomenon and to grow and proliferate inevitable, initiatives, more or less spontaneous, mostly imitative, more or less valid, but stating a certain interest or at least curiosity for the phenomenon.

So this is really important and meritorious Review of Pasquella Montecarotto because revives a tradition that would otherwise technological civilization is likely to be forgotten forever. But the annual appointment of Montecarotto is also a way to meet and renew year after year , bonds of shared social and cultural relationships. A country music , full of interest and suggestion , that every year increasingly involves the audience in a popular festival, which for the “freedom” and the spontaneity with which it is lived , it is clearly distinguishable from the current bleak landscape of forgery and massification made on traditional culture and popular culture.

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