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FisitaliaThe accordion company Fisitalia , is one of the manufacturers of accordions younger Castelfidardo and it is founded in 1995 by Giuseppe Chiaraluce, expert in the tuning and Piero Montecchiani experienced in the construction of the keyboards. As the name of brand suggests its aims is emphasizing the Italian spirit of workmanship and materials, in fact all its accordions come with warranty  certificate of Italian origin and quality.

Building accordions isn’t a simple job because more than the manual practice is necessary a great passion. Where does the love for this instrument take origin? Have you ever attend any lessons?

When I was younger I learned play accordion, I played for many years in a band. Then I went also to a school where I could learn to build an instrument and I was called to do my apprenticeship in an important Castelfidardo’s factory, that later assumed me. Where, I learned also the others job phases; from this everything is started and then Fisitalia was born.

FisitaliaBeing in touch with several artists is important to understand which kind of instrument we are developing. What are the most frequent requests? Which kind of accordion is more requested now?

We are living in a period where the personalization of the instrument has a big importance; today accordion is the reach of a dream… So who tries to realize a dream wants a top instrument… People don’t save money and everybody are looking for the best, because a good accordion is forever.

What are the main components of the accordion? How do they put together?

Well, we should write an enciclopedy about that… The accordion is the second instrument in the world for production difficulties (the first?… I don’t talk about it). The manufacture phases are a lot and each one important, like the all different materials.. so everything has a determining importance and every time there is a material problem or a wrong passage, it’s impossible go to the next phase… It’s the beautiful and the ugly of the instrument.

FisitaliaFisitalia is a master in using the MagneticSystem for the reed’s tuning. What is it about?

It’s an invention that let us tune accordion’s reeds in  almost totally automatic way that, with the help of a informatics management of the sounds, allows to vary the preparation of reeds adapted to the movement of each individual instrument. This system is one and only, it doesn’t take over the sounds but counts the magnetic vibrations of the steal flap infallibly and the pc doesn’t hear any noises. We have to say that for using this system isn’t necessary any professional preparation, everyone can do it after 2 hours… Not a banal aspect if we think about how much time a young guy need for learning this work with the traditional methods.

How is the italian commerce in spite of the rest of the world? Do the artist’s requests change from an area to another?

I shouldn’t answer to this question because Fisitalia exports for the 99% abroad; so from what I could see in this years, I think that Italian musicians (maybe not everyone) tend not to appreciate enough the accordion and to constrict it in a “budget” that only accordionists coming from poorer countries than ours go beyond, because they understand its value. In Italy moreover China accordions are sold, and the Chinese people want Italian accordions… It’s a paradox.

FisitaliaHow is the constructive process evolved in the last 20 years?

I think that it ‘s involved not evolved… World crisis has brought to restrict us and today we shouldn’t talk about “Accordion’s industry” (except few cases), nowadays it’s an crafts business, there are produced customized instruments, there aren’t so much requests to do an industrial manufacturing, but we have accepted it and the passion for this instrument allows us to overcome also the difficult period and the changes.

Why choice your accordions?

We realize accordions with a traditional design, it’s our own choice because we think that it lasts all the life so it’s right that it doesn’t go out of style.

Moreover we care a lot that each client is totally satisfied because a satisfied client is the only reason that look forward and to improve more and more the quality and the post-sell service… An accordion is like a diamond… Is forever!

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