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Christine SchmidAccordionist and Teutonic singer, Christine Schmid is a very complete artist, really communicative and constantly looking for symbiosis and interaction with the listener. Take the accordion, for the first time ever, at the tender age of 3 years. He studied music at the Conservatory of Basel, in Trossingen and at the “Jazz School” in Paris. In her curriculum, among many and varied experiences, she includes several television appearances. Through this interview, she describes the most significant aspects of her musical activity.

You are accordionist and singer. Did the passion for the accordion and the singing both come in the same period?

«No. I started playing the accordion when I was three years old, while singing, only at sixteen».

You are a musician who likes to range among various musical genres, from classical to jazz music, from pop to tango. What is the style, with which do you feel to express your communication better?

«It’s hard to say, because my heart throbs for every kind of music. Regarding singing, the classical genre is the most challenging, as it gives you an incredible feeling when you climb up to DO, a note that an ordinary person is unable to reach. I love all genres, but I take the public’s expectations very seriously».

Christine SchmidAs a singer, you also perform as a soprano, especially in operettas. From a strictly stylistic point of view, what are the analogies and the technical and interpretative differences between classical and modern music?

«Classical music requires other vocal resources. In this genre the extension is three octaves, while in others it is only one octave. Classical singing is a real pleasure for the voice, but it is required much preparation and resistance to fatigue. You cannot sing in this style when you are tired. The other musical genres are simpler in terms of technical preparation».

You have held several concerts both in the club and in the theatre. How does audience listening change between the venue and the theatre environment?

«The theatre is suitable for classical music also for acoustic needs. In the clubs, however,I need to use the microphones, because there is much noise. Therefore, this is not in keeping with the classical, but it may be appropriate for other musical genres».

Christine SchmidTell me, please, your experience in the theatre, you played Marlene Dietrich at the “Musical Theatre” in Basel.

«I got so much in the role and I admired Marlene (Dietrich, ed) as a woman, actress and singer. Learning from those for whom you have admiration is an experience that enriches you a lot, allowing you to enter their soul and emulate its personality».

You play a Beltuna accordion, well-known Italian Accordion company. What are the technical aspects  that you like at the most about these instruments?

«I love the different sounds, perfect for the different genres that I practice. They are beautiful and comfortable accordions, especially in live shows. And the sound is very powerful».

After having gained a lot of experience as a singer, you started directing workshops focused on breathing. Which are, specifically, the topics covered in your educational meetings?

«I work with adults to gain confidence in myself as I speak and interact with the public. More my voice is like an instrument, stronger is my presence on stage. The voice can make my personality manifest and a force I never thought I had. I also practice to gain self-confidence. As better, I know, my resources, as greater is the impact on people. I try to relate with people to whom I try to convey empathy, inviting them to respect others».

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