Daniele Falasca: family and nature as muse

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Daniele FalascaAccordionist, pianist and composer of rare sensitivity and expressive calmness, Daniele Falasca is a pure talent of Italian music. Marco Tamburini, Tullio De Piscopo, Fabrizio Bosso, Luca Bulgarelli, Fabio Zeppetella, Aida Cooper, Rossana Casale and Max Gazzè are just some of the prestigious musicians with whom he has collaborated. Through this interview he tells his human excursus, music, describes the characteristics of Incipit, his new record creature made with Daniele Mencarelli on bass and Glauco Di Sabatino on drums and unveils its new projects for the immediate future.

You got the passion for music from your grandfather, when you was 4 years old. How important is the support of family for a musician?

My grandfather was my first teacher of life and then also my first music teacher. He’s given me a passion for classical music, jazz and respect for music in general interpreted with professionalism. My father would have wanted for me a “safe” job, a degree in engineering, but I have always followed musical studies, without any doubt. When a was a child I wanted to be a conductor.

When and why did you decide to dedicate your life to the accordion?

I started when I was four years with the accordion. From 16 to 36 I devoted myself exclusively, studying the piano and to the concerts with it. Then I felt the need to return to express my musical ideas with the accordion, an exceptional instrument, through a renewed passion. I recorded five CDs of my original compositions, with the accordion, that gave me a lot of personal satisfaction.

What are the accordionists who have most influenced you during your course of study?

I met Wolmer Beltrami at age 8. I loved his musicality and his technique. For the accordion, however, I have not had a real model to which I was inspired. For classical piano, however, my idol has always been Arthur Rubinsein.

At what age have you started to perform like concert player?

At 14, I was playing in a great and world renowned dance hall of Tortoreto. I was accompanied by extraordinary greatest musicians. The experience of playing in front of a large audience, as a soloist, has prepared me to face situations of great responsibility, professionalism, early age.

You’re a very versatile musician who can explore easy from jazz to pop, from Latin jazz to world music.  Where does your versatility come?

It is born in my youth listening music. I spent whole days with classical music, jazz, fusion and many other genres. I think that listening to good music performed by talented and great musicians is essential for those who aspire to be realized in this profession. The taste, which can convey a disc, you can never taste in any manual. I also attended many concerts with big names such as Michele Petrucciani, Gino Vannelli and Michael McDonald.

You are a deep composer, as well as a great interpreter. What are the sources of inspiration from which you gleaned to compose your original songs?

Many of my original compositions are dedicated to my love Fiorella, my wife. My first compositions like My Rain, Spring, Winter and D’Abruzzo National Park were created by finding inspiration from nature, which has always fascinated me.

What was the greatest artistic satisfaction in your career?

I had many artistic satisfaction in the course of my career. The experience with the guys of Il Volo was undoubtedly the most exciting. In 2014 I was their guest in the different stages of the Italian tour. Playing with them in the ancient theatres of Taormina and Pescara, in front of 10,000 people, it was an indescribable feeling. On stage in Pescara, before to  play with Gianluca Ginoble, I made my proposal of marriage!. These were indelible moments that will always live in my heart. Even the experience of playing one of my composition in RAI, in the popular program hosted by Antonella Clerici, La Prova del Cuoco, it was a very enriching and rewarding professionally, that gave me great emotions.

Who was the musician who most of all you have enriched humanly and artistically?

The musician who most enriching artistic and human level it was my grandfather. Thanks to him I started listening and appreciate quality discs at an early age. I approached the keys of his accordion on which I could slip his fingers and, along with these, all the passion he had for music. With him the notes and glowed me eyes shone. An artist whom I respect a lot is Fabrizio Mandolini, a talented saxophonist. When I was young I had the honor of listening to his notes from my balcony of the house, because we lived opposite each other. I love his way of supporting the notes and play the melody. Precisely for this reason, often he works with me as a saxophonist in my compositions, in my records and in my concerts. With him often it happens to exchange musical ideas. It is always a continuous enrichment.

Daniele Falasca - IncipitThis year they have made a new creature record, entitled Incipit, fired by the label Irma Records. It is an album devoid of flashy virtuosity, pointing straight to a strong emotional impact, the result of a mingling of different musical styles. Daniele Mencarelli on bass and Glauco Di Sabatino on drums are the talented associates who have accompanied you in this new adventure. How does this your record come from?

The disc comes from the need to realize a project in trio, where everything is free and slender harmonic point of view. Today, playing with professionals of a certain level, in several formations, it is really impossible, because there is never the right compensation. Trio can get both the musical result that I wanted to achieve, both dignified remuneration that is up to those who perform this profession flawlessly. I chose two  talented musicians, both in fantasy and competence. They played so wonderfully my music and had a blast recording. They always! Thanks to Irma Records and the label Musical Materials are able to print out this gem that I hope to be heard around the world.

You are already looking towards new projects?

My new project is dedicated to my daughter. She will be born in late September and I have written for her nine pieces, just like the nine months of pregnancy. The album will include an instrumental piece and eight songs. The prevailing genre is pop. I inscribe nine compositions on 30 and 31 August with exceptional musicians, Massimo Moriconi on double bass and Nicola Oliva on guitar and then many more friends and wonderful talent. In this project, besides having composed the music, I also wrote most of the texts. One of the texts, however, was written by my friend and great songwriter Dante Francani. On 30 and 31 August, I will play the piano and the accordion for a project dedicated to my daughter. The emotion is so great: I can not wait!

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