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Inoria Bande - Chianciano Terme 2013The meeting takes place in the city center, in Via Roma. That part of the city of Sassari maybe the posh area, well known to the middle-class, where takes place Palazzo di Giustizia, which leans at the ancient walls of the ex-prison San Sebastiano, today empty. One year ago all the prisoners have been moved in the new prison of Bancali, which is a small suburban area. She is a bit late. I tried to call her on the phone, but she suddenly appears. Smiling. Without make up and with a face as a young girl. Handshake and we get a seat on a bench opposite the ancient Palazzo Cugurra, where there was the location of the journal “Il Sassarese” which I directed until 2012. An interview “out of the walls” we could say. We are almost at the end of July, it’s 24th , but today is a bit sunny after many dried days that had stolen a good bit of summer and disappointed many people who works in tourism sector. We do not wish to talk about the weather, which is completely unrelated to Inoria Bande. Let’s talk about her, folks of our island, diatonic accordion and her music. She enchanted the great event “Cavalcata Sarda” in the month of May, she walked the runway in an ethnic costume while hugging her diatonic accordion of the Giustozzi’s (company founded in 1946) at Castelfidardo, city which gave birth to these amazing instruments. Let’s go with the interview.

Inoria, how long have you been using instruments of the Giustozzi’s company?

I’ve have been using them for 15 years. I’ve loved them at the first sound. They are beautiful and reliable. They have a brilliant sound which accompanies really well the music I play. They are even close to the instruments which Francesco Bande used.

What do you feel when you play?

Joy, happiness, a great emotion, and I love to see people which shares my feelings. Music makes me feel alive and sometimes unique. It seems to be in a magnificent universe where everything is love and serenity.

You are a teacher of traditional Sardinian dance and diatonic accordion. What do you think to give to your scholars, what do you suggest to them?

First of all they have to be motivated and convinced about the right decision to make. Music should be a natural attitude and not a constraint. Passion is something missing from a lot of players. I say smile to my students, always. This is really loved by people and audience in general. Finally I suggest not to take too long in performances to avoid make the audience tired.

Have you ever regret to choose the instruments of the Giustozzi’s company?

Never! Because they are instruments that never left me. This is the reason why I prefer these to other’s brands.

Thanks to them and the builder Giampiero Giustozzi, which I know since ages, I had the possibility of winning at the Primo Concorso Internazionale at Castelfidardo in occasion of the celebration of 150 years of the Fondazione della Industria delle Fisarmoniche of the Soprani’s company (first builders in Italy). In that occasion Giampiero was able to build, in just few days, an instrument which gave me the possibility to obtain an award from Regione Marche and A.M.I.S.A.D” (this award allow me to teach folk music and diatonic accordion).

You are very popular. Does it depend on the genius of your father Francesco which lighted up “La Cavalcata Sarda” years ago?

For sure I inherited from my father the passion, taste and attitude toward the “seven notes”, while it is not a mystery why I’ve chosen the diatonic accordion.

If I had had not this background I would have just played few times and then I would have gave up. When people listen to me evaluate my value. The surname doesn’t help so much.

Have you ever been at Castelfidardo?

Yes, sometimes. It’s was exciting because I revived sensations and emotions which I heard from my father’s tales who went there to buy the instruments which used in his artistic carriers.

Last year I visited the International Museum of the Fisarmonica and it was touching.

The instruments showed seemed to speak to me. I do not know if it was just a sensation or my particular sensibility, but I felt those instruments to be part of me.

What are your plans for the future?

Letting know the Sardinians, and not just them, the existence of the Museum dedicated to my father that needs to be more evaluated by the institutions because it is unique in his gender.


by Enrico Porqueddu

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