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He began his studies at age 9 with master Pietro Iannace. At the age of 12-13 years or so held the first evening of smooth and essays organized by my teacher in several theatres in Benevento. At 15 he feels the need for something that was a deviation from the folk dance “Liscio” and he decides to get involved participating in various international competitions. In June of 2014 he participates in the eighth “Accordion Art Festival” held in Roseto degli Abruzzi, where he won first place in the category “Student”; in September of the same year he participated in the international competition of Castelfidardo won the qualification for the Couoe Mondiale CIA in Salzburg. There he met the famous M° Renzo Ruggieri with whom he began a new training program. In May 2015 took part in the international competition “Paolo Barrasso” in Caramanico Terme finishing in the first place. In June 2015 takes always part in the ninth “Accordion Art Festival” of Roseto degli Abruzzi, where he won second place in the junior category and exceeds concert selections for global CMA held in Switzerland. During the summer season he participates in the master classes “Julia Jazz” with M° Ruggieri. Also in August, it has the pleasure and honour to know and be heard by the great M° Peppino Principe who contributes to its musical growth. In September 2015 he participated in the International Competition of Castelfidardo PIF and finished second in the junior category virtuous. From 6 to 11 October took part in the CIA Coupe Mondiale held in Turku (Finland), where he won first place. Finally, October 20 to 24 participating in the CMA held in Switzerland in Martigny confirming the primacy variety show in the junior category.


Valerio Russo vincitore Coupe Mondiale CIA e Trofeo Mondiale CMA 2015Winner of category Junior Virtuoso Entertainment CIA 2015. What does it mean for a guy get a such important result?

Getting this result has been exciting. The joy experienced is indescribable so much that at the time of awarding the heart was racing, and my legs were shaking when I was proclaimed world champion in the category Junior virtuoso, I could hardly believe it. It was an unexpected result because in these competitions is believed there is always someone better.

Do you think is essential for the growth of a musician face this kind of competition? In what ways do you feel enriched?

Surely confront other young accordionists is always a source of growth. You meet guys from all over the world and with other cultures and consequently we grow not only musically but also on a human level.

Why have you started studying accordion? What is so unique about this instrument for you?

The accordion is an instrument that fascinated me since I was child so much to look at in every toy store when I entered! The first one I had was smallish and the bellows of cardboard so it took me a long to destroy it! Later, at an early age, my grandparents bought me another red and with a bellows more robust and in fact is still preserved … as I grew older and his passion increased so much that just felt someone playing and I was amazed attracted, so I tried to imitate him and follow him with my little woodwind instruments. At age nine expressed a desire to pursue a course of study serious and professional.

Tell us a little about your instrument, Serenellini. Why did you choose this type of accordion? What emotions does it transmit?

I’ve chosen “Serenellini” after much hesitation and especially after having tried other instruments. Serenellini attracted me because I was in the factory and I saw that they work and prepare all the materials that make up an accordion by themselves. I’ve model Cassotto Imperator 2 + 2 silver … through this instrument I had the opportunity to know many places all over the world, I had many emotions and so by the time I got more and more fond of it. Especially today, after winning two world championships, I wouldn’t change it, it’s a bit like the first love. It gives you the unique emotions indescribable and that life hardly fail to revive. When I play it, I feel like part of my body and not as a simple external object, then we become one body and one soul.

Behind your achievements you are definitely the work of your teacher. How much important for you is this figure?

Valerio Russo vincitore Coupe Mondiale CIA e Trofeo Mondiale CMA 2015The figure of the teacher is fundamental for me … my path started with the M° Pietro Iannace which gave me the opportunity to perform especially in Benevento and nearby. Also with him, we also reached the targets in the National and International as the victory in Accordion Art Festival category “Student” and qualification for the World Salzburg (CIA 2014). From this moment the M° Iannace entrusted me to the great jazz accordionist Renzo Ruggieri with whom we have reached now the major awards: first place in the international competition of Caramanico Terme, World Cup Qualifying CIA held in Spoleto in 2015, CMA qualification in 2015 in Roseto degli Abruzzi as well as second place all’Accordion Art Festival 2015 Junior Performers, second in the 2015 PIF Junior Category and finally the greatest achievement was the first place in the 2015 CIA World Junior virtuoso entertainment held in Turku (Finland) and CMA. For me, then these two figures are not only masters of music but also of life.

What musical styles feel closer to you? Why?

The kind of music that fascinates me the most is jazz because it is something that does not follow patterns and relies totally improvisation and consequently in this way, the artist manages to convey all the emotions he feels.

What are your future plans?

My future plan is to continue in the music reaching increasingly ambitious goals.

What is Music for Valerio Russo?

Music for me is life, is something indescribable possibility of arousing emotions in the artist and then transmit it to the one who listens. Music is something that is constantly dreaming.

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