“Midi MasterPlay” is the new born of MasterMidi

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“Midi MasterPlay” is the new born of MASTERMIDI, the latest evolution of sounds for the digital accordion and keyboard


Midi MasterPlayCastelfidardo (AN) – In 1986 the Master company was the first one in the world  to apply midi technology on an accordion to turn it into a real orchestra able to hand electronic sounds. True evolution born from the idea of Antonio Toccaceli, who in his small artisan workshop in Castelfidardo could anticipate with intelligence, and now continues to offer his genius, innovative methods of safe taking and spreading, to this day also instruments such as keyboards and pianos.

The company, which subsequently changed its name to MASTERMIDI, has been in the service of music for over thirty years, has produced in recent months the latest evolution, the most advanced technology, both technologically and technically, that can offer to the international market an innovative and very practical midi.

We are talking about the Midi “Play” that, in addition to being available as a kit version to be installed in the traditional accordion, has now been applied to an empty accordion with a weight of only 6 kg. (Equipped with internal amplifiers and radiomidi) and a revolutionary piano and chromatic keyboard built specifically for those who play the accordion and retain all the features.

Midi MasterPlayIts strength is that in both versions it can offer more than 400 sounds, reproducing faithfully the setting and features of the reeds instrument as it is mechanically constructed with the same artisan craft materials as the real accordion.

To get to know this latest evolution created by MasterMidi, we went to the new and wide spaces of via Scandalli, on the southern outskirts of Castelfidardo, almost bordered by the territory of Loreto. Antonella Toccaceli welcomes us, she is one of the few women actively involved in the business world of music.

Can you explain what are the features of this latest MasterPlay accordion suggestion?

“We thought to improve what was created a couple of years ago, realizing in this case a functional electronic instrument from dynamics to the bellows, able to “copy”- let me down – the sounds of the traditional accordion in everything and for everything. We are talking about a piano digital instrument, so it’s straightforward, easy to use, lightweight (around 6 kg), handy to use. It features the latest evolution of accordion sounds with 400 timbres. In short, with the right compromise, it invokes all the faithful sound of the classic accordion. Made with internal amplification both on the tunes and the basses (a new one that is now on the market thanks to the creation of a special reduced mechanical), it is equipped with a battery that powers the instrument without the need for a socket and you can add the radiomide to play without cables”.

Midi MasterPlayA digital piano accordion, therefore, that can be combined both professionally and for fun?

“Absolutely. To know the features it takes very little. Let’s say less than half an hour and you are able to take advantage of all its potential. Among other things, we managed to keep up the price while at the same time achieving a high quality product. A marriage not always discounted. In the keyboard version it is possible for those, who have studied the accordion to adopt the same system but playing it horizontally. We have had many requests from abroad, North America and Europe in general, especially from France and Belgium for the chromatic version. Whoever uses it in the piano bar has found, with full satisfaction, the multiplicity and high quality of the sound.

But it is no surprise in professional performances, as well as for practicality that is important for those who play several hours on a stage”.

You were talking about quality material. Is it a whole home-made product?

“I do not hide a bit of modesty in telling you that we are proud of it. It is an instrument entirely made in Castelfidardo with internal machining for the mechanical part and assembly work, while for the wooden case we have used qualified craftsmen of Castelfidardo (it is useless to say that in our town we are dealing with the best ones). It should also be said that we do not use import products to protect our customers”.

Midi MasterPlayFor the creative part, the purely electronic one, surely the most difficult one?

“There is no doubt here. For the evolution of the midi I have to thank my Father Antonio. He continues to have new ideas day by day. He is a kid of 76 years, to understand us, in love with this craft. With him we managed to put into practice today what he had thought twenty-five years ago. Then he decided to focus on existing instruments, applying the midi. He had deliberately left behind the possibility of its different use, knowing that the technological evolution would then quickly supplant those who applied it. He was right. Why today this rethinking? You ask me. Today there is a difference. By leveraging advanced technology and evolution of materials, and bringing new innovations, we have been able to shed light on a deliberately luxurious version (for measurements, mechanics, internal amplifiers even in the bass section). We have waited for maybe 25 years, though having had the primordial idea in the meantime made by others, but today that “on the piece” we are also us, we were able to give that something more to the music market”.

Midi MasterPlayI can not help but emphasize its eye-catching form, a youthful look …

“… linear, modern, light and if I can say, economic, as we have been able to match the quality to the convenience, which is nowadays also important. These are some features. A part worked in celluloid, the other painted in different shades. The colour chosen by the customer with a black paint base, deliberately neglecting the mother-of-pearl, used instead for the keyboard. An fascinate look, certainly not pompous. It looks elegant and practical. We are also able to provide assistance for any problem both in Italy and abroad in a very short time. A non-secondary aspect that fascinates those who buy this instrument “made in Italy” and, I want to add, … that we at MASTERMIDI are always available to welcome customers and respond to their questions and their doubts in a friendly way, how much our company, with me, my father, our technician Roberto (with us for 30 years) and all the other people, who have worked for years in the company, are always mindful of the quality and satisfaction of the costumers”.

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