New traditions. Interview with the firm Baffetti of Castelfidardo

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Baffetti accordionThe company Baffetti of Castelfidardo (AN) is a very dynamic and updated activity in the scenario of international production of bellows musical instruments. It was founded in the seventies by Dino Baffetti, which has managed to bring together in the design and production of a series of unique instruments and much appreciated all over the world his passion for the accordion world – in which he joined since young age – and its technical expertise. The products of his workshop, where he began to build the first diatonic accordions with brand Dino Baffetti, were soon appreciated for their sound, technical perfection, aesthetic details and build quality. Quality Baffetti that increases over the years, expanding production to piano and button accordions, to be used in much wider markets. This thanks to the entry in the company of the sons of Dino, who were able to keep the tradition of the product, enhancing the company’s innovative spirit and proactive.

We reached Genuino Baffetti – the son of the founder – and we talked to him the most representative elements of their production, placing them in the context of the international music market and the needs of contemporary artists.

From the beginning, around the 70s, to the current market… How much has changed the accordion? At present, with modern technology, has reached a level of quality at the highest level. In your opinion, there is still sapce for improvement? The instrument is considered to be evolving or are we now come to the top?

The accordions in the last 40 years certainly had a great evolution, both in the way they built it, in the various technical and aesthetic, while remaining traditional instruments made by the expert hands of highly skilled people.

It sounds like a contradiction but it is not, because evolution happened thanks to the advent of new production techniques that have helped and improved, not replaced, by making some stages of processing of quality even higher.

Baffetti is universally recognized for an important production of diatonic accordions that puts you right among the leading companies in the sector, both for the quality of your articles, and for the major retailers that operate in domestic and international markets. In fact, your company also makes accordion for folk music and concert. What is the target that suits you? Who are your regular customers?

We have tried to give it a more contemporary aesthetic also making it extremely eye-catching colors, decorations and whatever else you like to have in your instrument basically a customization that makes it unique.

For 20 years we have worked a lot in this direction reaching levels of high quality, trying to meet the demands of our customers.

In fact, today our target customer is the musician, professional or otherwise, from all over the world, from Canada to the USA and to Europe, in Japan, who wants the instrument of excellence.

In a recent chat we exchanged inside your beautiful company, I have mentioned the great acclaim that your instruments collect such as in South America and more specifically in Mexico…

We get great satisfaction from many markets, one of the market of the USA and Mexico, for which, also thanks to our valuable collaborator, we’re building instruments for the most popular bands of the site with a custom look beautiful!

Speaking of the diatonic, what is the most popular standard, the 2 bass or those with more shades?

As you know our company, while producing all kinds of accordion, has its specialization in Diatonic Accordions, which have a wide range, because the diatonic accordion or better known as “organ” is a tool of the tradition and culture of many places and each of them corresponding technical characteristics and different sound.

Definitely one of the accordion most commonly used in different countries is the 2 bass with 8 rows of keys in the right hand or the 12 bass with 3 rows of keys in right hand.

Staying on the theme, what kind of instrument recommended for a beginner who is approaching the accordion?

It is certainly not possible to say which is the most appropriate instrument for a beginner who wants to get closer to the acordion, because much depends on the place and the musical tradition of origin.

If we talk about, for example, in our area (central Italy), widely used are the 2 bass or 8 bass.

There is a trick in particular that characterizes your production and, if I may know, what is it?

Thanks to the love and passion we have for our work, we can say to be one of the most famous companies and more present manufacturers of accordions and concertinas, and we take this opportunity to publicly thank all those who appreciate and play our instruments.

It is increasingly common to see an accordion or an organ into not strictly folk formations. Young people no longer look at these instrument with superficiality, but more and more they appreciate the musicality and versatility. In an economic environment like the current, revival of this instrument helps you stay competitive in the markets?

Certainly, and thankfully, the accordion, thanks to approach and appreciation occurred by many accordionists both from folk that other musical repertoires, is experiencing the current economic environment in a much less critical than other sectors.

Castelfidardo is, and always will be a reference point for international musicians, or started to fear the competition from producers in northern Europe and Asia?

Personally, with a little presumptuous, I think (with all respect to the productions out of Castelfidardo) that the real “Made in Castelfidardo” is still, and will be for a long time, the real point of reference for the accordion quality for all accordionists in the world.

The Baffetti company will also have a secret… In confidence, why your instruments are so popular?

We have no secret, we have 40 years of experience and love for the work we do with passion and dedication, pursuing as main objectives the quality and satisfaction of our customers.

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