Saria Convertino… between chocolate and successes! (2° part)

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Saria Convertino - Conservatorio Santa CeciliaShe was born in that land? What nutrients they kneaded, which values ​​have you inhaled to win so many national and international first absolute prizes. I would like to recall a few: the “National Arts Award 2011″ organized by the Ministry of Education and for which you have represented the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia” of Rome and the Maestro Pitocco accordion class at the “Niccolò Piccinni “of Bari; the Competition “Rec&Play” organized by Cidim, for which I was awarded a prize in the concert series “New Careers” at the Academy of Denmark in Rome – presented by the music critic Piero Rattalino; the Competition Soroptimist International d’ltalia “Talents for music in 2009″, held in the Academic Hall of the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia “where you ranked 1st Talent in Italy after a long regional selection; the “Premio Via Vittoria”, set up for the 5 best graduates students of the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia”. About collaborations I would like you will talk me. She takes a chocolate cube, she would not want to have to talk about herself, she brushes her bayan, try to distract me … it runs a silence of seconds that weigh then melts and how she remind to herself…

You know, I had the honour of collaborating with Nicola Piovani and Angela Pagano in the show “The Guardian of the Light”, on stage at the Teatro dell’Angelo in 2009, directed by Norma Martelli. I worked with poetess Antonella Pagano in the show: Soffian … Do, where she staged the piece: “Brigantessa dalle Lunghe trecce” e il Poema d’amore: “Cantus cordis” “and the poem of love: “Cantus cordis”, at the Teatro del Complesso Monumentale dei Dioscuri at the Quirinal; I worked with the Lombardi-Tiezzi company, for the show “Pasolini: Roma-Spagna (verso Calderon)”, show for 5 voices, with violinist Francesco D’Orazio, the singer Raffaella Misiti, by Federico Tiezzi and texts by Pasolini selected and adapted by Sandro Lombardi; and again with Sandro Cappelletto the narrator for the show: “Mi chiamo forse Ali”, on stage at the Theatre of Solomeo, with cellist Alessandra Montani, the Mancuso brothers and actor Marouanne Zotti, a production by Brunello and Federica Cucinelli. Since 2008 I collaborate with Cosimo Cinieri, making my debut at the Auditorium Parco della Musica and Radio RAI-3 with the show “Pessoa in Rapsodia”, directed by Irma Palazzo, guest Mancuso brothers at the Teatro Argentina in Rome where I played in premiere “Simmu Water” by Marco Betta, commissioned by the Accademia Filarmonica Romana; I performed “Hymnem” Stockhausen, electronic music, concrete music and soloists, at the Gardens of the Philharmonic, in collaboration with the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia “in Rome and the Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi” of Milan. I collaborated with the actor Ennio Coltorti in “Italy” show, presented at Villa Brancaccio of Rome, in a duo with the pianist Sabrina Trojse, directed by Imma Battista. All these experiences have strengthened me as a woman and a musician.

I ask again, where are you born and where do you take refuge after the countless collaborations, where do you go to recharge?

As I said earlier, mine is an overwhelming passion. It seems to have no need to recharge my batteries. Anyway, I often retreat into my Puglia, in my fields, among apple trees and olive groves. There haunt me baby, the dearest affections, my father who has always pushed me to do my dream the beautiful thing it is today, my brothers, my mother, the flavours of the land where I was born and which bridge the nostrils, the heart, all spells that regenerate even the air which passes through my accordion … Air regaining the fullness of the notes, the warmth of the music, the colour and the best sound. Yes, I take refuge there from time to time, but it is not an escape. I feel good all over. The home is close to the air bellows, and when my lungs, my heart go a little in reserve … in them I find myself in abundance. I was born in Mottola, Apulia, in the land of the province of Taranto.

Saria ConvertinoYou also played at Palazzo Montecitorio, in the Hall of the Queen, Embassy of Egypt, Villa Rufolo Gardens for “Ravello Festival 2011″, at the conference “Almalaurea” Aula Magna of the University of Rome, the Academy of Denmark in Rome, for the exhibition “Summer Nights at Castel Sant’Angelo, 2011″, the National Gallery of Modern Art for “night of the Museums”, the “European Music Festival 2011″ at the Macro Museum of contemporary Art in Rome , in San Giorgio del Sannio (BV) in the Auditorium Comunale “The black cylinder”, for the Officers’ Club Marina “Caio Duilio” in Rome, in Parma at the Headquarters of “Parma Lirica” ​​for the Accademia Filarmonica Romana in the “Sala box “, the Tiber island in Rome for “The island of cinema and Cinergie “, in Rome for the” Soroptimist International of Italy “in the Church Santa Maria in Cosmedin, the      “Soroptimist International Club of Italy- Napoli “in the Conference Hall of the Hotel Excelsior in Naples, for the Foundation” Arts Academy “in Rome, the “Gallery Italarte” in Trastevere, on Capitol Hill in the “Hall of the Capitoline Museums Esedra”, in Rome at the Institute of Portuguese S. Antonio “IPSAR”, for “Telethon 2008 Sail for life” in the Santa Cecilia Conservatory Academic Hall. How much chocolate had you to eat?

Yes, I’ve played in all those places. How much chocolate I ate? Well, I have not measured … but a lot; and I’ll have to eat as much as I have only 29 years old and I think I’ve just started. I would not be misunderstood; it is only a passion. My land tells to me of men and brave and determined women, Puglia, Italy, but also talks to me of men and women full of passion to live and create. I know that creativity is a bit in decline and that the causes are many… but I also know that many young people like me make music, nourish and cultivate a thousand beautiful passions, which are real monstrum, wizards short. I also know that many are away, but many are still here, the conservatories are full of musical geniuses, the geniuses academies of painting and sculpture, we have extraordinary graphics, designers of amazing comics, poets and writers, in short, if only you change the vocabulary and speaking resource young people, instead of problem youth, already much would change, is not it?

“The rising star of the accordion” as told to you Alfredo Gasponi, journalist of Il Messaggero, now where do you teach?

On December 19th, I received the phone call from the Conservatory of Darfo by appointing Professor after having obtained the highest ranking issued by the Institute Conservatory itself. An indescribable emotion that sent me into fibrillation heart. I’ve always been of the opinion that “the important thing is to believe”, and I’ve never stopped, the dream has materialized. Even if it is far from Rome, an entire day trip to go, one day to return, I teach at the Conservatory “Luca Marenzio” of Brescia, in a separate department of  Darfo Boario. I have wonderful kids with whom we have already set the method of work and excited about seeing them in my presence. And then I teach in Rome, to ‘International Academy AIMART founded by Edda Silvestri, former director at the “Santa Cecilia” and director Francesco Antonio Castaldo. A reality that is in the heart of the city, a short walk from Largo Argentina square, with the aim to bring to life an Institution of Excellence in the Arts, far-reaching and internationally recognized, in Rome, capital of the country with the largest and most important existing Cultural Heritage.

And the woman Saria Convertino? And…love?

I was in love … I want to be again, overwhelmingly! But that’s another story.

Saria Convertino - Conservatorio Santa CeciliaI also know that it is collaborating with the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, how do you think about this experience?

I met Mario Tronco, in a café in Piazza Vittorio, in the company of my former colleague at the Liceo Musicale “Domenico Cotugno” of L’Aquila, Marialaura Martorano, a very thick soprano, we thank her officially. She plays the role of “Queen of the Night” in “The Magic Flute” by Mozart. We became great friends, with whom it also began an artistic collaboration that soon we will see in a project in Trio, also involving a mezzo .. But I do not reveal anything yet … So that, after six months contact me by the Accademia Filarmonica Romana, saying they were looking for an accordionist for Bizet’s Carmen, which would be staged at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome, and was released only one name .. mime! Great satisfaction I must say! I got to know extraordinary artists from the musical point of view and human, with whom was also born a beautiful friendship. The music is coloured by different ethnic groups, breaking any border… that borders, besides the soul, beyond time, beyond space, beyond all boundaries, barriers, walls and breaks the heart to give it more deep breath and large.

Perhaps there are no words that can truly express the magic and the miracle of music, especially if multi ethnic. Perhaps, miracle is the word most likely. The imponderable passing through your bellows goes to the hearts in the audience and come back to you multiplied? We can say so, you could say so.

Yes, I could say so, then I would add: the taste of my homeland, the love of my family, sacrifice, study and … chocolate, dark, of course!

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