Serenellini Accordions: manufacturing tradition in Castelfidardo

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Zoltàn OroszOur journey through the manufacturers of Castelfidardo continues with an interview with a company that is on the market since 1978 with the instruments of excellent workmanship. We visited the factory of Serenellini Accordions noting the passion and competence used in the creation of a product particularly appreciated, a wide selection of accordions and diatonic accordions very well refined, both in aesthetic details and in the care of sound and timbre which mark them.

From the early 70s to today … The passion is still the same, the instruments, however, have undergone considerable changes. Have you nostalgia of the past and traditional or is it better to do well in progress and technological evolution?

Over the years the instrument has adapted to the progress. The commitment and skill is to be able to combine the traditional values of the past with the opportunities offered by technological progress and evolution.

In your opinion, the technology, and therefore the numerical control machines, have helped to improve the quality of the accordion or have only facilitated the production?

Yes, they have improved the quality of the product and facilitated the production levels.

What do you distinguish from other companies, what is your strong selling point?

I dare say the design of some models highly appreciated and selected by top international musicians. Our company works mainly with foreign Countries. With great sacrifices we still guarantee a good quality/price ratio, offering the customer a top quality product completely Made in Italy. Our strength point is the use of only the best Italian materials that ensure top quality and sound.

One of the added values of accordions Serenellini is the tuning … Use particular tone colour? A musician can agree with you of the changes on the instrument, can customize his accordion?

Of course, you can modify and customize the standard instrument according to special requests, also using special reeds required by the customer. In fact we can say that each of our instruments is customized especially with regard to the tuning.

Your business is more directed to the construction of diatonic instruments or diatonic accordions?

In the past, our exports were mainly oriented to the sale of diatonic and study models. Since a few years our company has increased considerably the piano and chromatic accordions that satisfy the best professional accordionists in the world.

You make only traditional accordions or even free bass instruments and what systems adopted in the construction of these last (B griff – C griff)?

We make traditional accordions as well as free bass – convertor instruments. The B – or C – system just depend on the final destination of the product or at least on the taste of the player. So here too we can customize the accordion.

What are the markets in which you are protagonists and who are the artists that we represent more?

Our company operates in the markets of Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Israel. The main artists that represent us are many such as Zoltàn Orosz from Hungary (considered as a Mozart of the accordion), Emil Aybinder from Israel, Yana Fedoruk from St. Petersburg, Srdjan Bikic from Serbia, Raphael Rocha de Silva from Brazil, Prof. Karl Hodina from Austria, Thea Vildenberg and Erik de Jong from Holland, Pat Wright of Acousta Group from Ireland and many others. We are also very proud of the young orchestra VIVAccordia from Berlin that, despite the young age of the components, has already achieved great international successes!Yana Fedoruk

If you need to buy an accordion automatically think to Castelfidardo, as well as when you think about the violin and string instruments, you refer to the luthiers of Cremona … It will be so for a long time?

Yes, I believe that it will remain so for a long time still because Castelfidardo is the home of the accordion, and just thanks to a deep culture of the manufacturing of this instrument that it has constantly developed and strengthened while observing the tradition of craftsmanship.

Over the years, the accordion has become an “important” instrument and not something exclusively folk, at least with regard to the thinking of the vast majority of Italians, but according to you, is it enough appreciated? How do you judge the current education system and the proliferation of events associated with it?

The accordion is an instrument which fits any type of music but it is not valued as it deserves. To ensure that youth approaches to this instrument it would be necessary to advertise it in the places that they attend (radio – pubs – discos); this way you could tickle their interest and curiosity to adapt this instrument also to music for young people, and in this way the enrollment in schools of music would increase.

There is a character in the environment of the accordion that, more than any other, deserves praise for his work?

Of course Paolo e Settimio Soprani, that soon after the Unity of Italy founded in Castelfidardo the accordion industry.

A.D. 2014: the competing firms, the problem of generational change within the factories, production costs, international competitors … what future do you see for the accordion?

Because of very high production costs all Italian companies, in all sectors, are really struggling to move forward. We’re really doing a lot of sacrifices in order to achieve a high quality product despite the increase in production costs. There is certainly the issue for generational renewal, but compared to international competitors, you can certainly focus on the “Made in Italy” quality of the product which can continue to be the strength of the accordion for the future.

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