“Straps for accordion posture pro” – the innovation of the belts in the accordion

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Straps for accordion posture proPlaying a musical instrument is a physically strenuous exercise with effects on the entire body. The daily exercise, aimed at achieving a level of quality increasing, adding considerable pressure to the body and only a correct position and the correct use of the muscles of support allows you to use the so-called “means of musical expression” the best and to move freely.

Musicians and singers must have a good awareness of their body: the joints and muscles, should be a basic natural posture which allows minimal effort.Straps for accordion posture pro

Good compression posture and breathing technique improve the sound quality and indirectly the technique of execution.

The basis of a properly functioning body is represented by the natural position of the spine and pelvis, in a central position, where the supporting muscles operate optimally.

After many research, the performer and teacher Walter Di Girolamo has the Patent “Straps for accordion postures pro”. It is an adjustable structure intended to connect the accordion to the torso of the musician with a particular a system of belts. This structure includes a rigid panel, on the lumbar region, from which at least four belts to be connected to the instrument.

This  invention is intended to reduce the effects of the weight of the accordion on the spine and facilitate the correct posture of the musician, especially at a young age.

The main purpose, in fact, is to create a system have not the impediments of the classical systems that do not contribute to assume a correct posture to the musician and that then can determine a defect of the bearing and alterations of organic development.

Straps for accordion posture proIn fact, in sitting position, if the instrument does not adhere properly to the bust  the musician “chase after” continually in the movements of the accordion bellows, which has consequences in the joints of the shoulders, arms and wrists.

The accordionists – explains Walter Di Girolamo – should examine the position of their pelvis: as a general rule, this should be kept in a central location, maintaining the natural arch of the lumbar spine. Even the head has an important role: to be kept in a central position, avoiding movements which create tension in the neck muscles.

Good muscular support of left shoulder blade allows a movement of the bellows straight and correct. If the shoulder blade is not sufficiently supported, it tends to lean forward, and to rotate towards the spine, while the upper arm becomes tau, the left elbow moves behind the shoulder and the bellows consequently moves further back. Because of this error, the problems in the area of the left shoulder are relatively common among accordionists.Straps for accordion posture pro

It ‘s also important to the right shoulder blade to be well supported, because in case of insufficient support, leans forward and, working with the elbow to move behind the shoulder, the wrist bends. This error rests forearm, wrist, neck and shoulder. When the position of the scapula is corrected, elbow and shoulder are aligned, and the pulse keeps its extension of 15 degrees.

The solution to these and other drawbacks is achieved according to the present invention by means of a system comprising a panel in the lumbar and means for supporting said panel in its function that comprise at least four straps. Further advantageous aspects of the invention are set forth in the dependent claims. Using a panel with backrest function itself and adjustable and from which can coordinate not only the length but also the height of the belts, you get a greater adherence to the bust of the instrument, which will avoid the musician also the known problems accused in the upright position (standing).

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