V. Semionov: “Sonata № 3 Reminiscence of the Future” 2st part

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Viatcheslav SemionovThe creative process is a complex and multifaceted, because something new is born at this moment. Something what did not exist yet. You compare this process with the disease. Why? How do the process occur, how do you start to see the plan of future composition?

All processes in my life always proceed difficult because I do not like to do anything formally – to play, to teach, and especially to compose. The easy way is to work according to certain rules – you have an idea, it’s what you set out, here are the ready resources. But you cannot use the same resources in various works, you know?

So it’s really difficult moment. Sometimes it happens that the composer accumulates some materials, and then he starts to do something with them. But I had to create almost everything from scratch. Only for second movement I created by a happy chance couple of melodies during one summer in Kursk, when we were all together at the master classes. They became the basis of the second movement. But other things – it really was quite a challenge.

And why the disease? Well, never anything new can come painlessly. Only Mozart could create easily. But, sorry, second Mozart cannot exist. What about others… Even childbirth is pleasant memories, because somebody was born, but the women say that it is really very painful. For me, any kind of wark like this – it’s a painful process, I even feel sick physically. Probably it becomes a little easier, when almost everything has done and you just change some small issues. But the process of creation it ‘s a disaster. Please, just try to compose one theme, at least seven notes, and it shouldn’t repeat what has been created before! The way of using folklore I already has passed. And it is impossible to use folklore in the composition like this. That means I had to find some material that can express my feelings and will reflect in the souls of the listeners. Besides, it should be material which you can work with, can develop. Therefore I worked for so long time.

The whole process took me several months. I say a year. In fact, I did not work a year of course, but a couple of months I worked with the first and second movements and a couple of months in the next year with the Final. So sonata dates from 2013 year, but it is in fact 2012 and 2013. I could not finish it in 2012 because did not know yet what the outcome of this sonata and how it will end. Like in a novel, remember, “Love lasts three years”, the love can live not only 3 years, so you don’t know what will be in the end. Author may doesn’t know how he will finish his novel and the finale might not be the way it was presented. So with this composition was the same. I gifted a large part of my soul to this sonata. And probably not just mine, also my surroundings transformed through my soul, through my perception.

Sonata has very interesting title “Reminiscence of the Future”. Is it just beautiful image, or this title comprise something more deep?

I’ve heard from someone that it is even a movie with the same name. But, as I remember, there was “We’re from the future”. Reminiscence of the Future – I do not remember something like that. Maybe, I do not know.

The idea behind the name is the multidimensionality of the world. There is a lot of information that everything which we have now on Earth, it is not the first time. Civilizations appeared, were completely erased, disappeared, and then appeared again. And There are also many other ideas – about aliens, and some other things. It is so difficult, a global issue – everything to do with us, with humanity. Sometimes you learn something new and it turns out that somehow you knew it long before. Maybe in a previous life you already lived through it all. This also could be.

Like an idea that everything in the world is in spiral motion?

You know, I ‘m not even sure that it is a spiral. Rather, some tectonic tremors that changed the world in general. Spiral – it’s too easy, I think it is not the best thought of the philosophers. It’s just easier to refer to when you come up to the same question but the next level. But sometimes absolutely different things happen unexpectedly; therefore I can compare all the evolution history with some tectonic shifts. And not only human history but also Earth. We do not know anything what’s going on in the Universe. But we can assume pretty much.

Sonata is dedicated to your former student who now is one of the leaders of accordion performing Yuri Shishkin. How did you get the idea to make a dedication and why did you choose Yuri Shishkin?

I honestly can tell you how it has happened. (Is lost in thought). I usually don’t think about dedications. As they say, it was His Majesty the chance. One day I realized that one of my best students (let say, the second generation) Yuri Shishkin is already half-century marks. Wow. I started to think what kind of gift I can make for him. Generally such people dedicated to our accordion art … I even do not know … There are few examples in the whole accordion world that you can compare with this contribution that makes Yuri to accordion performing art. All his life he devotes himself to it and he did so much.

I decided to present him on his 50th anniversary these 50 pages. Moreover, sonata is so complicated and I decided he can be the premier performer of it, like no other. I asked him and hoped that he would do it, and he really lived up to my expectations. Especially there was another complication: I didn’t know how the sonata will sound only with accordion. I felt it more like a symphony. And it still sounds like symphony in my ears. Yuri always trying to do something more with accordion, try to perform as a one man band. So I think this sonata very suits him, especially for the premiere performance. So this is a story how he found himself in such a role, and why I made this mark in the score. This is due to his 50th anniversary, his achievements, and, if you want, my assessment of his contribution to the chamber performing. So I did him a worthy gift.

If we will talk deeply, perhaps it should be dedicate to the closest friends, people who parallel me in all aspects, very close. People which are always in my thoughts. This is a complex question.

If we talk about the idea of sonata, there is introduction to the edition where Yuri Shishkin writes: “The emergence of the Third Sonata – a kind of symphony – was a new step of maestro, where he continues to look for answers to the questions posed with realism and accuracy in the First Sonata. In his new composition the author refers to all mankind: is a person able to protect his love, is he able to survive, to hear the voice of reason? Composer denounces those who incite evil, appeals do not to lose faith and reminds us of the main – “{ If } love lives inside us, we are eternal ” (quote by Heinrich Heine , which Yulia Amerikova has found for her teacher) – encrypting these words with Morse code . This phrase of German poet open and, as an outgoing to infinity message for our descendants, ends 3 movement of the sonata, because only things made with love can remain immortal”. Do you have anything more to say?

The things made with love they will live forever. Love may be is the best and most sublime thing that Homo sapiens have in their life. Wonderful Heine quote you presented to me is many-valued. In general, nothing great, significant can be created without love. After all, life itself cannot exists without love. And the continuation of life. it will also be the same in some other civilizations, I guess. And even if parallel Universes exist, why shouldn’t they have love either? In this sense, this quote is priceless. It somehow gives us an infinite … not even development, it’s not enough … an endless flight of a man, mankind, soul. We do not know exactly what was before us, what will come after us, but we are free to rush to this bigness. And I allowed it to myself in this sonata. I didn’t say everything in it, but probably it is not necessary. Let everyone finds their own aspirations, thoughts, their own flight of the soul. But I’m sure this sonata will make you think. And this is already happening in the way how people have accepted it.


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