From Antonacci to Marocco: Massimo Tagliata’s successful projects

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Massimo TagliataMassimo Tagliata, born 1973, begun his musical career very early as performer and composer. When he was 13 he took the exam for composer, transcriber and songwriter at the SIAE. While at 15 he focus on Argentinian tango. In 1994 Massimo Tagliata won the International competition “City of Castelfidardo”, category “Contemporary Music”. Then his interests in jazz and latin music grew up and developed. He has been traveling all around the world with famous musicians for many years and in 2012 he was one of the protagonists of Biagio Antonacci’s tour.

1. When you were about 20, you started important collaborations with musicians like Teo Ciavarella, Felice Del Gaudio and the group Banda Favela, whit whom he realized an important tour all over the greatest jazz clubs in Europe and in Japan. What did those experiences teach you?

They taught me to study and focus on things in order to reach a high level and high quality results. Didactic preparation, as well as concentration, is fundamental. Those were years of hard studies and of in-depth analysis for me.

2. At the same time you have continued with your career of tango with the project Trio Lumiere, having concert not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the World. In what country have you found the best condition for a musician?

It’s not easy to answer. Before 2001 USA offered many opportunities to musicians and there were lots of interesting chances not to be missed but today we live in a different World. I can’t choose a Country. In any case, I’m not a xenophile.

3. Thanks to your musical versatility, you easily move from jazz to tango, from pop music to forrò. How is it possible?

I’m versatile in my job and fields. This is due to my first studies and experiences. I have played a lot in some public dance halls and in the past this meant learning a lot of different things. Those experiences have developed my quickness of mind. Moreover I have had special opportunities to work with great musicians who plays different instruments and focus on different styles. My curiosity and thirst of knowledge have done the rest.

4. In 2006 you founded the group “Marea” together with the guitarist Andrea Dessì. Marea has took part in the most important Italian jazz festivals, recorded CD, led to international partnerships. How was Marea born and what is its history?

I met Andrea many years ago. Our musical histories are very different but his deep love for flamenco really struck me. So, we have decided to mix our stiles and create Marea. Our first cd has been enriched by the saxophonist Javier Girotto. Marea has also lead to many other international partnerships such as the project with Frank Marocco. He is a guide and an example for several accordionists and for me too. In 2008 we worked together and I spent a really satisfying period with him, full of teachings.

5. You have arranged Sognami, Biagio Antonacci’s song which has became a great pop success, at the top of the Italian charts for 16 weeks. Accordions get closer to the audience and other instruments. Have barriers been broken?

It’s not enoght because it’s a long way. Richard Gallianò said that the accordion is a piano without braces. People has been appreciating accordions in the last 15/20 years and this instrument is no longer associated to low level popular music as in the past. Musicians have done a hard and difficult job in order to ennoble the accordion and thanks to people like Gallianò or Piazzolla the situation has been changed. Today the accordion has entered the Italian Conservatories while when I was 13 The Conservatory of Bologna refused me because of my accordion!

6. In 2008 you worked to a special project mixing electronic music with tango using both traditional instruments and keyboards or synthesizers. Where have you learned so specific knowledge about electronic instrumentation?

I have always loved electronic fields. I’m famous for being a musician and many people don’t know that I have a recording studio where I work as producer and arranger. So I always had got a my own place, where I could study and this helped me very much. In 2008 I recorded “Lumière du tango” with trio Lumiere, an electronic tango CD, which was one of the first work in Italy. We have been inspired by Gotan Project. It has been very interesting.

7. What about your last working success?

In 2009 I started working with Biagio Antonacci regularly. We have done together “Non vivo più senza te”, the summer success of the last year. In 2012 I followed him in tour. It has been a wonderful year, the arrival of hard working periods, a time full of great satisfactions and fulfilments.

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