Samuele Telari: the music-starved child prodigy grows up

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samuele telari

Samuele Telari started to study accordion at 6 with Renzo Tomassetti. He has competed in several national and international competitions often winning: “Premio Adamo Volpi” (Loreto), “Premio Bizzarri” (Morro d’Oro), “Premio Wolmer Beltrami”, “Premio Città di Scopello”, “Premio Leo Ceroni”, “Strumenti&Musica Festival” (Spoleto) “Premio Contemporaneamente Fisarmonica” (Conservatorio Santa Cecilia di Roma) and many others. He has attended many courses with re-known teachers such as Corrado Rojac, Mika Vayrynen, Yuri Shishkin, Dario Flammini, Owen Murray. In 2009 and 2010 he reached the second place in classical and varieté categories at the Coupe Mondiale CIA in New Zeland and Croatia. The past October he received a honorable mention at the music competition organized by the “Società Umanitaria” where the best students of the Italian conservatories were competing.

1. Samuele, when did you start playing the accordion?

I started to play the accordion at 6 years old. My parents wanted me to learn an instrument suggesting the accordion. So I began with no expectations, like in a game.

Then, competition by competition, things has become more serious till accordion has turned into the heart of my studies.

2. Where do you study now and how do you spend your day as a young musician?

I attend the second year of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. Thanks to Massimiliano Pitocco’s guide, I’m enlarging my musical horizons analyzing some musical aspects that I have never considered before. I’m studying pieces belonging to different styles and époques, from baroque to Russian and contemporary literatures, focusing on several musical features.

I live like any other young music. My aspiring musician day is characterized by lessons at the conservatory and ways to find free time to study the accordion: very frenetic!

3. When you was a child you appeared in the tv program Bravo Bravissimo with Mike Bongiorno, while recently you has accompanied Giorgio Panariello at the Arena of Verona. At Christmas time you played at Montecitorio and finally have started your own concert career. What are your projects and dreams for the future?

All these experiences has enriched my musical knowledge and built my personality. As for the future… I don’t know! Unfortunately Italy is living a difficult condition in several social and cultural fields. My dream, as a student, is to become a successful concert performer, both soloist and in chamber music groups, but also to examine the present musical styles as well as the future ones and keep on music-starved. I hope I will teach someone all my knowledge about this wonderful instrument.

4. What do you think about the contemporary accordion in the music world?

Thanks to good musicians and several festivals and events, the accordion has had the opportunity to develop from the past condition of a barely popular instrument. But there are still so many people impressed by an accordion playing Bach, Scarlatti and Mozart. Some musicians don’t know all the beautiful pages written in honor of this instrument yet so promoting the accordion should be our main goal in order to make this instrument achieve the nobility of piano and violin.

I believe we are in the right direction, save few exceptions. Thanks to its varied timbre, its technical power and strength in performances, the accordion is often used in contemporary music, as well as in jazz and ethnic music. But we have not to stop here!

5. Do your friends share your musical passion and your love for the accordion?

Some friends of mine, both old and new, have my same passion while others are not accordionists because sometimes I need to take a break and face different ways of life!

6. What are your next musical dates?

There is Imago Sonora, a project by Marco Morgantini, Domenico Turi, and Andrea Ceraso. It’s going to involve different instrumentalists playing pieces from 1900 but also exclusive premieres. I’m very excited to take part to this special event.

Moreover I hope to play as much as I can during concerts and competitions.

7. In spite of your young age, you have won several International competitions, two National Selection of the Coupe Mondiale and the 2nd place at the 63rd Junior Coupe Mondiale. Is there anyone to thank you?

I think the most passionate thank you is to my first teacher, Renzo Tomassetti. He had been guiding me for many years, a teacher in love with the accordion and desirous to transmit all his great passion to his students. He is one of cornerstone of the Italian didactic so spending time in his school has been fundamental to me.

I also want to say thank you to my parents for supporting me in any way even if not musicians.

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