Stefano Coppari’s Jazz: “full of rules and freedom”. Our interview

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His first guitar at 12! Stefano Coppari was born in 1983, studied with Fabio Zeppetella and Ramberto Ciammarughi, very young he became director of studies at Opus 1 Music School together with Samuele Garofoli. He graduated in Jazz at G. Rossini conservatory guided by M° Bruno Tommaso. In 2010 he peyed with Franco Cerri in honor of Django Reinhardt. He published his first album with Antonangelo Giudice titled “Escape” edited by Rai Trade/Videoradio. Stefano Coppari played with important jazz musicians such as Massimo Manzi, Ares Tavolazzi, Fabio Zeppetella, Samuele Garofoli, John B. Arnold, Massimo Morganti, Franco Cerri. He takes part to several Italian Jazz Festivals, composes, writes music and teaches both modern and jazz guitar.

1. A musician in love with Jazz. A director of school (at Opus 1) fond of music, a modern teacher. The young, Italian guitarist Stefano Coppari has spent several years studying. Do you remember your first time with a guitar and today which are your main sources of inspiration?

I was 12 when my father came back home with a guitar. It has been love at first sight and I often went and open its case. I started studying and then playing with my friends. I love this instrument and everyday I’m more satisfied. My sources of inspiration are musicians able to communicate without using filters, barriers, falsities. Technique can helps but it’s not enough. Some musicians tell story with a single note, others aren’t able to communicate even through thousands of notes.

2. Stefano Coppari graduated in jazz with highest honour at Rossini Conservatory. Jazz has been the musical phenomenon of the XX century with its early and complex development of styles and categories. Why did you approach Jazz?

At the beginning because I needed to study and focus on both music and the instrument. Jazz has to be studied hard and seriously. Then I discovered harmony and improvisation and I understood that you can play a song in several different way. Today I still think this is one of the most charming aspect of jazz, a language full of rules and freedom. I agree that Jazz has been undergoing great changes. Music quickly develops especially through modern media but, in spite of this, some musicians are still afraid of fusions and experiments. In my opinion their behavior slows down music development. It’s a pity.

3. “Escape” is Stefano Coppari and Antonangelo Giudice Quartet’s first album. Escape derives from your partnership with the American drummer John B. Arnold and the double bass player Amin Zarrinchang. What is “Escape” and for you and what’s the message inside it?

This album is very important for me because it’s my first recording product. Escape means a sweet musical travel but also a break, far from cultural indifference and uniformity.

4 You are a guitarist, a composer and a musician. Which one do you prefer?

Being a guitarist is the thing I prefer, I spend hours playing and studying. Anyway, I love composing too, writing original pieces and arranging for other instruments as well.

5 Stefano Coppari is also a teacher. Your lessons are one to one. Is this your own decision? Do you believe in a personal relation with the instrument beyond technique?

Yes I do. In my opinion the technique is just a mean while the most important thing is the sound. Playing instruments is like telling stories. Our voice, the way we speak, things we say…everything talks about us. When we touch an instrument is the same, a vital thing. Every great musician can be identified by his or her first notes.

6 Which are the contemporary musician’s main difficulties?

We are living a story of sacrifices and, on these occasions, art is one of the first things people give up. Live music benefits are soon touchable… probably compulsory school should focus more on music. It’s also necessary a less complicated administration of live music shows in order to promote and economically support both management and musician.

7 We have talked about Stefano Coppari’s past and present. Now let’s look at the future. What about concerts, albums, partnerships?

First of all I want to play as much as possible “Escape”. Actual economical crisis doesn’t help but I’m optimistic. I’m working for “Liuteria Euphonia” projecting classical guitars and in April I’m recording with an eight elements band (directed by the dual bass player Gianludovico Carmenati) in partnership with many other great musicians such as Massimo Manzi.


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