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Happy birthday Musictech: 20 years of technological innovation

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Musictech Digital BoxThis year, 2014, Musictech is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its foundation.

The company was born in 1994 in Castelfidardo, birthplace of the accordion, with a firm commitment to bring innovation and technology to the World of MIDI Accordions and MIDI Applications as well as the amplification of traditional instruments.

It immediately began to offer its first products, including the King Major, appearing in major exhibitions such as the Italian Disma Music Show, the European shows like the MusikMesse in Frankfurt, American shows like NAMM in Los Angeles as well as the Asian Music China Show in Shanghai.

The first technological innovation proposed by the King Major model was the introduction of solid-state contacts. This technology, that has allowed the elimination of all the defects that until then have created many problems, now guarantees the musician security and reliability during performances.

The response was very positive right from the start, thanks to the new technology and the sober and elegant design and superior reliability involved.

Collaboration with distributors, retailers and musicians was crucial in making all the improvements needed to place the Musictech products highly above the average that the market offers.

Over the years, Musictech has always kept pace with the advancing technology and has always been at the forefront, making updates or creating innovative products that have met with the needs of even the most discerning musicians and never forgetting the vast panorama of Accordionists, which has an infinite range of musical culture.

All Musictech products, Midi and Microphone Systems, are designed to be installed in all the various types and systems of the accordion, from the piano version to the chromatic, from the French to the Belgian or Balkan types, etc.

The professionalism, integrity and competence of the technical staff have made Musictech the most successful name in this field.

Currently, Musictech is considered to be the Worldwide benchmark in the field of MIDI for Accordion, Digital Accordions and Microphone Systems and Mixer/Amplifiers for the amplification of traditional accordions enabling highly authentic and accurate reproduction of the reed sounds due to the high quality of these dedicated products.

Further popularity for the Musictech name came with the advent of the Digital Accordion, the now legendary Digital 50, because this was globally recognized as the best for sound quality and connectivity, light weight and above all for the impact it has on the traditional accordionist, who finds himself with a digital accordion exactly the same as a classical one, because the mechanical parts are all built in Castelfidardo with the help of skilled craftsmen in the industry.

In line with its policy of continuous updating and renewal of products and technologies, Musictech has launched a revolutionary DUAL LINK MIDI system for use in the World’s first Digital Accordion (DIGITAL BOX) and MIDI applications in traditional accordions that are fully programmable by means of the easy-to-use Graphic Interface on a 3.5” LCD TFT Touch Screen Colour Display.

It is a cutting-edge system equipped with an internal sound generator with dual MIDI outputs and is capable of reading, selecting and playing both MIDI files and MP3s (backing tracks) … In practice, a full orchestra and the possibility of unlimited orchestral sounds in a single instrument.

The DUAL LINK, is an independent system that can be applied to any traditional accordion, both piano and chromatic and can be substituted for previous systems without mechanical modifications. The high performance of the Dual Link System is a product of the very latest technology available in the World today. The new interface has been designed using a 32 bit microprocessor with ARM/CORTEX architecture coupled with a 3.5” LCD TFT Touch Screen Display as well as two USB Host ports for reading and managing Midi and MP3 files and a USB Device port for connection to a PC.

The latest model from Musictech, the DUAL LINK DIGITAL BOX is the first fully Programmable Digital Accordion with Touch Screen, extremely easy to use, which, in addition to the classic MIDI OUT for connection to an external expander is equipped with an Internal Sound Board that in addition to managing the classic General Midi sounds, includes a whole family of extremely realistic Digitally Sampled Accordion sounds. This instrument, with the classic “feel”, which can still be called “traditional” by virtue of its constructional characteristics and materials, is also equipped with a Midi and MP3 file reader, a USB connection for PC and a variety of sounds and accompaniments of exceptional quality.

Of course, such an evolved system is implemented with all possible audio outputs, including both mono and stereo output for the sounds of the internal generator and those MP3 mixed together and a separate output for the MP3s and an output for headphones.

So many good reasons to try an instrument made by the Musictech company, that over the years, has not only become known and appreciated all over the World for the quality and performance of its products, but has also created an important and efficient network, MUSICTECH POINTS, in most parts of the World, in order to ensure on the spot assistance and installation of the systems.

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